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About Grant D.

Yoooo Guys, welcome to my bio. Make yourself comfortable. Can I offer you a drink? Better make er’ a double...because... shit, I’m a tall order. Get it? *Reminder to self; don’t quit your day job because jokes are not your forte* I was born and raised in Ohio. I have an amazing mother who taught me everything I know about business and people. I walked on at THE Ohio State University.

It was my dream to play football there and eventually make it to the NFL, thus showing others from my small hometown, anything was possible, and that we all have the ability, to change the world. However, during my time at Ohio state, I endured many injuries and tough life lesions. The sequence of events that transpired were preparing me for something greater (I never conceived anything greater than that. Isn’t it funny how we don’t know what we don’t know?)

After I left my football career on the field and in my past, I stepped into running bars and restaurants for the next 8 years. This was the stage for me to start formulating philosophies that I had gathered from the way I saw my mom do business, the way I perceived and faced my struggle during my time at Ohio State & the way I began to long for a world that nurtured each and every one of us in a beautiful way, regardless of who or what we are. 

After starting my personal training business in 2014, I had the opportunity to work with 100’s of amazing clients which helped me come to the realization that all of us struggle with body image, yet our bodies are simply a reflection of the issues we experience in the other endeavors of our lives. I quickly realized that my  love was for the psychology behind human behavior.

I transitioned out of coaching for the external, and began working with individuals, from the inside out.  Instead of claiming I'd take their business to 7 figures for them, I showed them how to get out of their way, to then be able to do it themselves.  Instead of fixing their relationships, we’d work together to help them understand how to quit worrying about blaming others, and to simply take the responsibility to change it.  And instead of showing people how to restrict their diets and never miss a day in the gym, I began showing them how to lessen their stress, understand their bodies, reverse their negative relationships with food, and how to ensure their physical efforts were aimed at what they actually wanted.

I started focusing on the internal practices, and the craziest thing happened, they all began achieving the external results they had always wanted.

Soon after I started public speaking, private speaking, hell, if you’d listen, I’d speak.  I started sharing my reverse engineered concepts, and it wasn’t long before I was speaking at business events, board rooms, masterminds, and spreading this concept, which I wasn't hearing or seeing anywhere else.

I began to know myself. I began to meet the person that was going to create something so beautiful that it just might have the power to change the world. (Celeste forced me to write this part about myself. She has helped me see who I am through a mirror of acceptance and so much goddamn self love, which in turn, showed me such a deeper understanding of my gift)

This is me.


About Celeste B.

Welcome to my bio. I decorated it with my soul and my essence and I’d love to show you my heart and who the f%ck I am. 

In my early 20’s, I made it to the “big stage”, by earning a spot on the WWE Roster. After just a few weeks of training at the developmental center, I ended up being thrown on live TV with absolutely no experience, never having wrestled a match, due to a freak circumstance. 

In a moment, I made a decision that I had nothing to lose...except the opportunity of a fucking life time and that I would create the courage necessary to be vulnerable in front of millions of people, knowing- that I had no idea what I was doing.

I f%cking killed myself week in and week out in the ring, in the gym and in every aspect. Back then, I looked at the WWE as my ONE shot, my one in a million chance to make a name for myself. I craved love and acceptance and I sought it for all to see. 

 Although terrifying and at times mortifying (I have embarrassed myself many times on live tv. *takes a bow*), It taught me something so substantial about myself back then, I had no idea what it truly meant. 

After leaving my career in pro wrestling, I got a mullet. Just kidding. I set out to turn my efforts and skills, to launching an apparel business.  I, AGAIN, *surprise surprise* had no idea what I was doing but I knew that wasn’t an excuse, clearly.

Little did I know that I carried a suitcase (or 5) of conclusions and beliefs about myself and my abilities into the next chapter of my life. 

I would spend the next 7 years making innovative and unique ass pants (totally downplaying the complexity of my business and the designs I created...but it’s funny to say “ass pants”). Although I cultivated so many cool things, experiences, partnerships and friendships, I found myself craving something more. 

Speaking of partners (I’m from Texas so that can mean anything) but I’m talking about my partner in this beautiful life. I met Grant 2 years ago and it changed everything I thought I knew about myself, the world and what was possible in this life. 

He and I journeyed into the underworld together...aka my inner world of suppressed emotions, pain, trauma and fear. V scary.

With his help, love, acceptance, guidance, ass-that-just-wont-quit, and infinite support, I began the tumultuous process of facing my demons that I had accrued over the last 30+ years. I had become so efficient at running from all of it and he would no longer sit by idly and watch me swim in my tiny pool instead of an infinite ocean of life. 

Although, deep down, I KNEW there was more to this life, I didn’t know how to access it and I didn’t know where to start. Grant opened my eyes to seeing more than what I had always accepted for myself. More to my identity than what I allowed everyone BESIDES myself to tell me it was. And...that my one true love had been waiting for me all along, because it was ME.  And in creating myself, and stepping into my power, I created the biggest stage of them all.  My world. 

Favorite Color: I f%cking love Orange and I always have. It’s bold, it's warm, it’s emotional. In my reality, it represents creation of ideas and reinvention of self. It reminds me that I don’t need permission to be a f%cking bright Orange hibiscus blooming in the middle of a concrete jungle. Giving no fucks about where I decided to sprout and who thinks I should or shouldn’t be there. Lengthening and expanding my roots to stand taller and more beautifully every single day. 

This is me.


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